Videoproiector DLP Mitsubishi XD8100U

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Rezolutie: 1024x768 XGA
Luminozitate: 7000 Lumeni
Contrast: 2000:1
Viata Lampa (Eco Mode): 4000 h
Tip: DLP
Greutate: 16 Kg

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7000lm High Brightness
The XD8100U, delivers a super bright 7000 lumen images, brightness level for presenting in large meeting rooms and conference halls.

Super Resolution
This innovative advanced image processing algorithm is a product of Mitsubishi Electric. The technology analyzes blurred components of the original images, estimates the high-resolution data not provided in the original signal and corrects the image quality. The result is the clear projection of images such as people's faces in fine detail

High Reliability
Durable and Reliable—Continuous 24/7 Use Capability
The dual lamp system and lamp relay function enable continuous operation with no risk of the image going out. Dust resistance and cooling performance are greatly enhanced by the automated self-cleaning filter and heat-pipe cooling system technologies that have proven so successful in air conditioners, enabling extended continuous use for monitoring and digital signage applications.

Various Lamp Relay
A dual lamp light source offers numerous advantages. Key benefits include the fact that the lamps can be rested (turned off) alternately during long-term usage, ensuring continuous projection. Additionally, if one of the lamps goes out, there is an automatic back-up function that activates the other lamp, enabling nonstop projection with no interruption

Automatic Cleaning Filter
For the XD8100U, we've utilized the same mechanism (mesh filter and cleaning brush) that has a proven track record in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and air purifiers is utilized. It automatically prevents dust from building up in the radiator of the heat-pipe cooling unit for the digital micromirror device (DMD), thereby ensuring trouble-free use for extended periods of time.

Heat-pipe Cooling System
Compared to liquid-cooling systems, the heat-pipe cooling system has a simpler structure and does not require a power supply, enabling cost reductions and a compact design. Not only is it highly reliable, other benefits include exceptional energy savings and quietness as well.

Long 4000hrs Lamp Life
Designed with a lamp temperature controlling system, the XD8100U can support an estimated lamp rating of up to 4000 hours. The long estimated lamp life makes dramatic reductions in overall cost of ownership by decreasing the frequency of lamp replacements

Ultra Quiet 28dBA Operation
Fan noise during projector operation can be distracting during a presentation or videoconference. The XD8100U projector operates at a significantly low noise level of only 28dBA (i.e., using a single lamp in "low lamp" mode). As a result, presentations and conferences can be held without distracting projector noise in the background.

Natural Color Matrix (NCM)
In addition to conventional red (R), green (G) and blue (B) color gradations, the intermediate colors of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) can each be controlled independently. Accentuating specified colors according to need realizes the reproduction of vivid color tones one step closer to natural.

Curved Surface Projection Correction
These projectors are equipped with a function for correcting distortion that occurs when projecting images onto curved surfaces. This advanced feature is practical for unique applications such as projecting images onto pillars at special event sites

Edge Blending
Edge blending creates a seamless image by adjusting the brightness at adjoining edges when using multiple projectors side-by-side to reproduce single widescreen images. This feature can also be utilized for top-bottom projection or a combination of side-by-side and top-bottom images; for example, when images are projected from four projectors in a two-by-two arrangement.

Color Matching
The use of multiple projectors to create a larger image can result in color variations due to slight differences in projector image processing. The XD8000U is equipped with a color matching function that resolves this problem. Each projector is adjusted so that the same colors are reproduced when multipl e projectors are used simultaneously

Modern Design
A stylish white-toned projector shell was chosen in consideration of use as a ceiling-mounted installation. Additionally, the detachable terminal cover hides projector cabling, showing the ingenuity incorporated to ensure an appealing unit that matches most interior spaces

Network Connectivity
Projectors are equipped with a RJ-45 LAN terminal for remote operation. Additionally, when used with Crestron® Room View®, integrated control of up to 250 projectors including power on/off control, message display and confirmation of lamp service hours is possible using RoomView™/e-Control™. Both projectors are equipped with AMX Device Discovery for simplified device management and compatible with PJLink™.

Stand-by Wattage under 0.3W
Stand-by (low) mode power consumption is less than 0.3W, offering increased energy savings and further contributing to environmental preservation.

DenumireVideoproiector DLP Mitsubishi XD8100U
Cod ProdusXD8100U
AplicabilitateBusiness, Educational, Instalatii fixe
Luminozitate7000 Lumeni
Contrast2000:1 Static
Rezolutie1024x768 XGA
ConecticaAUDIO OUT , BNC input , D-SUB 15 pin IN (VGA) , D-SUB 15 pin OUT (VGA) , DVI-D , HDMI , LAN , RS-232 , S-VIDEO Input
Raport aspectNative: 4:3
Dimensiune Imagine1 - 7.62 m
Distanta Proiectie1.4 - 10.6 m
Pachet standardCu lentila
Lampa2X330 W
Numar Lampi1
Viata lampa (ECO)4000 h
Viata lampa2000 h
Consum860 W
Difuzor Audio1 x 10w
Nivel zgomot36 dB
Dimensiuni490 x 201 x 421 mm
Garantie36 luni
Accesorii incluseCablu de alimentare;
Cablu VGA;
Telecomanda + Baterii;
CD manual de utilizare

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