Carcasa securitate Videoproiector Vision TM-CAGE

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Carcasa securitate Videoproiector Vision TM-CAGE

Produsul este disponibil in mai multe marimi: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 160mm.

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Bottom plates, foam blocks, locking collars, and locks.
The small plate accommodates projectors up to 315 x 235mm
The medium plate accommodates projectors up to 375 x 300mm

b) Select a side package which includes eight side panels and comes in four sizes to allow for projectors of different heights; 80, 100, 120, and 160mm.

113dB Audible Alarm
Two hardened locks have built in motion-sensing alarms. A combined volume of 113dB is a strong deterrent.  Push-locks speed up installation time.

2 Locks / 2 Different Keys
The two locks do not use the same key, creating delay for a thief as they struggle to figure out which key is for which lock. The same two keys are provided with every TM-CAGE so that a facility manager with a number of cages only needs to have two keys with him at any time.

Cooling, Cable, & IR Access
Sliding side panels allow unimpeded connectivity, open airflow, and IR remote control access.

The TM-CAGE is obvious enough to serve as an effective visual deterrent, but is unobtrusive. Just because it needs to be seen, doesn’t mean it needs to be ugly! Weighing only 3.5kg, the enclosure assembles like a puzzle making it deceptively difficult to take apart.

Assembly Steps
1/ Set bottom plate on non-scratch surface
2/ Put projector into place
3/ Add side panels on long sides
4/ Fit top plate
5/ Add side panels on short sides
6/ Attach Techmount Projector bracket
7/ Fit collars
8/ Fit locks

Intelligent Security
Security comes from intelligent design, rather than over-engineering.

The modular design allows compact packaging, reducing freight and warehousing costs.

Fits All Brackets
Fits all Vision projector Techmounts including the TM-ST wall boom. 

The cage conforms as closely as possible to the size of the projector, which allows a more secure design and makes it more attractive.  Security is enhanced because the projector can’t be manoeuvred within the enclosure to squeeze it out of an aperture, and also an attempt to cut the cage would almost certainly damage the projector.

30° Tilt
Unrestricted pitch and roll adjustment. When using with the TM-1200 a further 5° tilt is possible.

Vibration Resistant
The projector sits upside-down inside the cage on high density foam blocks which provide damping from vibration and protect the chassis of the projector.

DenumireCarcasa securitate Videoproiector Vision TM-CAGE
Cod ProdusTM-CAGE
Garantie12 luni

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